About Me:


I am a certified exercise specialist with multiple professional affiliations and certifications in the fitness health and wellness industry.  I have a nursing studies background, as well as being a personal trainer, & group fitness trainer for over 30 years.

I have been awarded instructor of the year through the YMCA

Greater St. Paul, MN.

I am an accomplished trainer and public presenter with a sincere, genuine & unique teaching style.

I currently teach & educate at  Judy’s Studio & the NW YMCA

Past & Future affiliations: churches, schools, corporations, community education centers, retreats, Chiropractic/Therapeutic offices and Women's Correctional Facilities. 

What to expect from Me?

  • Learn how to care your body through:

    • Self Myo-Fascial Release

    • Personal Training Sessions

    • Small Group Trainings

    • Better Functional Movement

    • Corrective Stretches / Flexibility

    • Balance / Proprioception

  • Body Assessments


  • Unique movement patterns that fuse together all of Judy’s trainings: slow, mindful movement that allows your body to become strong & stable thru core strengthening


Certifications Include: 


~ NASM- Certified Exercise Specialist

~ NASM Certified Personal Trainer

~ ACE - American Council Exercise Group Instructor

~ AAFA - Group Fitness

~ Balance Body University - Pilates

~ Power House Pilates

~ YMCA of the USA Trainings

~ Active Older Adult Trainings

~ Functional Anatomy Training 

~ Myofascial Release Training at Balance Body University 

~ Rollga Certified

~Mission Statement ~

I enjoy helping people become the

best version of themselves!

I offer body movement with a wide variety of tools to educate & help reach your goals and attain better balance & functional movement.

         It’s all about YOU!                   

My instruction & guidance of body movement inspires the soul & can bring external accomplishments & internal growth making my method of teaching very unique. 

The release work and slow movements along with deep breathing & balance exercises work together to purify & balance the physical, endocrine, nervous, fascial & circulatory systems.

     I am grateful & honored to share what I love.


“Love” is the fruit of my mission in all that I do.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet

and a light unto my path"

Psalm 119:105


© 2015 by Judy's Studio

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