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Myofascial Release


What is Myofascial release:

The prefix “myo” refers to muscle.

Fascia is the thin, translucent membrane that envelops and separates muscles like shrink wrap. 

Fascia, the layer next to the muscles, is like a very tough sheet, separates, connects & encases in our body.

Our muscles would spread out like a glob of honey without the support of the fascia.


SMR - Self Myo-fascial release technique is a form of flexibility training which focuses on the body’s fascial system. By applying gentle pressure to the facial or “knots in the knitting”, it will act to release the knot, helping to restore the body, enabling better function and performance of the body. 


Release, (SMR – Self Myo-Fascial Release)

Strength, Stretch & Balance

Slow mindful body movement that starts with breath & release work, then corrective stretches and strength..


Until recently the medical & sports communities have regarded the connective tissues (fascial) of the musculoskeletal system as a relatively unimportant wrapping material.

Today, thanks to a wealth of new scientific discoveries, we now know that this tissue that connects all parts of the body plays a fundamental role in our physical health.

The connective tissue system, not your bones and muscles, as many people think, provides the body its architectural stability.

Whether you have been injured or have chronic conditions release work will help aid in the healing process. By including exercising and massaging with a foam roller and other tools your body will generate a greater awareness and will re-hydrate, restore and strengthen body systems.


Education is a fundamental component in learning how to care for our body.

People need to be educated about how we can change our habits and learn that we can make the choice to live a longer and healthier life.

People are turning to alternative approaches to compliment their wellness program. Explore the leading edge of functional exercising with all of the classes offered at Judy's Studio (which are mind & body movement) tie in with, but do not replace standard care

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