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Pilates ~ Precision & Control


Pilates is designed to work the body with control and precision making quality more important than quantity.


I invite you to come connect with your core and experience a healthy body, mind, life, and heed the message of balance.


Breathing Technique

~ In through the nose & out through the mouth



~ Strengthens the abdominals and back 

~ Strengthens, lengthens and tones muscles

~ Improves posture & muscular balance 

~ Provides flexibility and balance 

~ Unites body and mind 

~ Creates a strong, streamlined body without excess bulk



Full body exercise discipline combining synchronized stretch and controlled mindful movements and breathing techniques to strengthen your body.



{Contrology} develops not only the muscles of the body, suppleness of the limbs, and functions of the vital organs and endoctrine glands; it also clarifies the mind and develops the will.

~ J.H. Pilates



Pilates Reformer (Balanced Body)


I use Allegro Tower of Power pilates reformer in my studio for

personal sessions, scheduled individually.


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