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What Does Judy Teach?

​The work we do together can purify & balance not only the physical but the endocrine, nervous, facial & circulatory systems.

Pietra Fitness (2023)

NEW (2020) Gait Training (Vizziq)/Certified Vizziq Success Coach trainer

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer

Balanced Body Pilates Trainer

         ~Pilates Includes:

               *Mat Pilates

               *Pilates Reformer / Arch / Tower

               * Pilates on the Foam Roller

               * Pilates on the Ball & other props

Myofascial Release ~ Self Care

Total Gym for core strength & cardio

Slow Mindful Movement

Specialty Seminars

                         you can see more details on each of these areas  if you click on the menu

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