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Yoga ~ Graceful Flow


Yoga, meaning “union”, is a tool that can help individuals unify their body mind and spirit.


Yoga teaches us about ourselves from the inside out with direct experience. It is about letting go, coming into the present moment and enjoying what is “now”. The practice can bring external accomplishments, internal growth and bring about a sense of well-being, spiritually, emotionally and physically.


The physical movement, deep breathing exercises & deep relaxation work together to purify and balance the endoctrine, nervous and circulatory systems.


Breathing Technique

~ In & out through the nose



~ Moving meditation

~ Balance & circulate the energy within the body 

* not affiliated with any religion *



Yoga is excellent for developing flexibility, strength, balance & relaxation


~ Releases the tension in our body

~ Relaxes yet rejuvenates the body 

~ Increases spinal flexibility 

~ Improves breathing and rids the body of toxins 

~ Increases energy and circulation

~ Improves postural alignment 

~ Builds strength and endurance 

~ It can change and improve your breathing patterns, attitude, one’s outlook on life habits, and can be used as a spiritual tool to enhance one’s life. 


The benefits will come sincere in practice. 


Poses can be adapted for students of all levels.


A yoga practice is done without judgement, comparison or expectation. 

Only presence ~ one breath at a time

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