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T'ai Chi Chih ~ Joy Through Movement 


What is TCC ?


It is an inner discipline for the body, mind and spirit. ! T’ai Chi Chih is a series of 19 stand alone, soft, slow
repetitive movements and one pose. A faithful practice of T’ai Chi Chih allows us to touch the core of our very being, connecting with the essence of who we truly are. The flow and balancing of the chi removes blockages: physical, emotional and spiritual. The stillness allows us to feel and see clearly. Awareness awakens.

This is the essence of T’ai Chi Chih.


What is it's purpose ?


The purpose of T’ai Chi Chih is to circulate and balance the energy within the body. As the internal energy circulates and comes into balance, health improves and there is an increased sense of well-being and sincere joy in life.

      * not affiliated with any religion *



~ Stress reduction and relaxation 

~ Improved balance, increased energy 

~Weight management, improve blood pressure 

~Mental clarity 

~Relief of headaches, back pain and chronic conditions 

~Enhances coordination 

~An internal massage

~Effects inner organs as well as muscular structure 

~An overall sense of well-being and joy in life


Who can do it?

T’ai Chi Chih can be practiced by virtually anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Although it is normally practiced standing, it has been successfully practiced while sitting.


Where did TCC begin ?


T’ai Chi Chih was originated in 1974 by a T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master, Justin Stone. He found the ancient form of T’ai Chi Ch’uan difficult for students, requiring years of practice to benefit from it.
He began experimenting with simple movement with benefits realized in weeks instead of years. The result, T’ai Chi Chih.



Awareness is the root of T’ai Chi Chih. Circularity is the fundamental. Softness and continuity are the essence. Love energy is the fruit. ~ Justin Stone

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